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GOLDGTE1Dear Friends!

Looking how in the face of the ``increased competition" major long-distance companies actually raised their rates, we decided we've seen enough and started this business about seven years ago.  Today, as you may have noticed already, the big three long-distance companies are not any better - after they became bigger and fatter (mergers, mergers...), they just increased their rates by couple of cents once again.  So we are glad we will be able to save you some money and offer you the personal service you'd come to expect from a company that is not a multi-national yet.  As it is obvious even by looking at our name, in the beginning we created the company to serve the Bulgarian community in North America, but little by little people from all different places and ethnic backgrounds discovered our rates and service and - no wonder - choose us instead of the Big Three.  We are not limited to North American customers - we have clients all around the world, since we now offer not just the basic services, but toll-free numbers, global calling cards and international call-back as well.  Services, countries and rules are too numerous for everything to be included on the web, so if you are interested in any service you don't see here, drop us a line.


Our most popular plans are plans N and the just released Prepaid plan.  The G Plan is universally accesible throughout North America - you can use it from any regular, cellular or payphone in US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with your PIN code to call across the street or around the world.  If you call from your home, though, you don't have to dial the PIN - you are recognized automatically, which saves you a couple of numbers to dial and costs you less to call some destinations.

In contrast the other most popular plan - the W plan - is exclusively stationary -based one.  It works just from your hoSATELIme or office number you have signed-up for the service, and you can choose it (if you don't want to dial access codes) as your primary long-distance carrier.  It is available to customers located within the 48 continental US States only.  With so many restrictions, one would ask, why should anyone go for that plan? The answer is simple - rates.  It offers outstanding 6.9 interstate, and intrastate rates depending on your state.  We bill the first 30 seconds, and then each 6-seconds i.e. if you talk 2 minutes and 20 seconds you get billed for 2 minutes and 24 seconds and not for 3 full minutes - the way they probably bill you now. Think of it as an extra $3 to $5 in your pocket every month.

For customers outside living North America (and for relatives of these living in the US and Canada) we offer our outstanding Plan CB - for calling ``anywhere from anywhere", offering the overseas customer rates for calling to the U.S. similar to the rates his uncle in the States pays to call him.  This plan uses the International Call-Back as a communication method.

But guys, we've talked enough, take a look at the plans, see for yourself.


2 Call BG

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