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Picture Our international calling plan G is the most versatile plan ever designed - great for calling anywhere from anywhere in North America.  For as low as 38 cents / minute you can call any landline number in Bulgaria at any time of the day or night from any US or Canadian telephone!  If you are calling from your home phone, you call Bulgaria for just 29 cents / minute!  It is accessible from more than 30 other countries!

What are the benefits of our Plan G?

  • Easy and convenient access with affordable rates from any phone in the US or Canada, Puerto Rico and more than 30 other countries.
  • When you are not calling from your home, the program works as a calling card (different rates and 50 cents per call ``bong charge" apply when used this way)
  • Unlimited PIN numbers with individual limits - works great if someone in the household is on a budget or you want to reduce the risk you are exposed on if the phone is under your name and is used by the entire household (roommates, etc.)
  • You do not switch long-distance carriers
  • Flat rates 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Great rates not only to Bulgaria, but to over 230 countries , territories and satellite telephones all over the world
  • It takes 2 minutes to fill-out the one-page application and the service works within one working day
  • You can still call from your home or office at lower rates.
  • You will get one consolidated bill for your usage of both plans
  • For more details, see our Plan G  FAQ page
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